Hujan kadang-kadang turun lebat

Pumped up from their explosive gig at Overdrive Miss Libertine, we pin down the hyper boys from Hujan for an exclusive Melbourne interview for AsamTV.

With a new album in the pipeline, Hujan is riding high, with no signs of the storm clouds clearing. We get them to explain their insistence on remaining independent despite commercial success, and how Hujan the organisation is run.

The launch of the phone that is supposed to change things that last year's phone changed

The iPhone 4 is finally in Melbourne.

Though we were personally weren't in the market for one, being the good little geeks that we are, we marched through the winter cold down to Bourke St to be there at its midnight Melbourne launch yesterday.

No way were we going to pass on the chance to be witnesses to a part of tech history.

There were long lines of people clad in layers of clothing standing patiently,single file, on both sides of the street. One line headed into the Telstra shop, while the other Optus, but all these people stood there in the cold, for hours by now, waiting for their turn to enter the shops and purchase Steve's new magical wonder.

Or was that the iPad now?

Rare moments of geek glamour

There's no point turning this article into a teardown of the device for two reasons:
  1. We don't actually have one on us to play around with
  2. Your average shopper's not buying the phone for its impressive specs.
Besides, you're going to get one anyway. It works, and it makes perfect sense after all.

So when are you getting yours?