My Tribe: A Home For Your Work On The Web

by: Juliana Zainal Aznam

Looking for a place to share your work?My Tribe is the perfect opportunity for you to submit audio, video, stills and text on the web.

The Theme is 'my tribe', and you can interpret this in any way you like! Explore issues that revolve around community,  like identity, belonging, groups, exclusion.

Here is the 'official' description:
The idea for the exhibition comes is based on the ideas of philosopher and anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss, whose seminal work explored the complexities of kinship, mythology and identity, we re-examine this notion of community and self.In the flesh or via technology the kinship groups we belong to form across intersecting fault-lines in our lives – blood, place, interest, time, happenstance and more.

Enmeshed with our sense of self, those we belong to and who belong to us construct, deconstruct, teach, reflect, know or perhaps don’t know us at all.

Explored subjectively or objectively the theme of ‘my tribe’ taps into mythmaking and storytelling traditions along with the rationality of survival and the darker implications of drawing a line in the sand between ‘us’ and ‘them’."
Stuck for ideas? Here are a few starting points:
- what tribe do you belong to? (that can be your friendship group, community, sporting club etc.)
- what makes you part of this group? (uniform, shared interests, geographical location etc.)
- how would you describe 'your' tribe to others?

Selected work will be published on the  the ABC website known as the Pool. The my tribe work.in.progress group is where everyone will post their ideas, get feedback, collaborate, remix other people's work. Once the work is ready, you publish it to the my tribe exhibition space.

So contribute anything! You can upload audio, video, text, still images or in any other form via a web-link.

For time-based work there is a limit of 10-minutes and text pieces must be 1000 words or less. Poetry, a short film, an essay, photographs, a radio play - ANYTHING!

The best of the best my tribe work will be picked out and exhibited on a range of ABC platforms - giving your work high profile exposure.

Visit the my tribe website for more details.

Juliana Zainal Aznam is a final year media student at RMIT. In her spare time, Julie makes Malay horror films for Takut Productions, so check it out in Youtube. If you are interested or you want you want to know more information about Mytribe,email her at julz_4288@hotmail.com 

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