A Pilgrim's journey

It really is a mindless film.

People bursting into coins, vegan super powers, and demon hipster chicks.

No part of the movie makes logical sense. No not even the plot about battling seven evil exes to win the girl.

The damsel here would be Ramona to her hapless knight in glow-in-the-dark armour, Scott Pilgrim. I mean, seriously, are we supposed to believe that Michael Cera is capable of anymore than looking and mumbling awkwardly. Yet here he is, leaping great distances, out-ninjaing his opponents, and other non-loserly activities, which of course includes getting the girl.

Actually, with social convention as a guide, you could say that he's already won the girl quite early on which renders the whole business of fighting the league of evil exes moot. Unless of course, the purpose of the skirmishes is to proclaim ownership over Ramona. For a character that's supposed to strong and independent, it's weird that Ramona would let her exes own her so physically like this.

Too many brain cells at work. Must switch off to enjoy.

Scott Pilgrim against the world is a fun movie that references everything from too cool for you hipsters to 8 bit music, things instantly relatable to the generation that grew up in the 90s. It accurately captures the spirit of these and mines it for hilarious amounts of irony that there is rarely a dull moment in the movie. With great music to go along with it.

So no don't come to the cinema hoping for a paradigm shift after the credits roll. If you need a movie to do that for you, you'd probably need to get a life anyway.


  1. OF COURSE MICHAEL CERA CAN KICK ASS. And he has the right to mumble while doing it, too!

  2. He'd look better with more protein shakes, we think.