3rd ASAMevent and counting

I always been in love with live acts where spontaneity rules. Sure, there are hiccups, but a person is only a mere human being. This is the philosophy of ASAMevent.

So what is this ASAMevent? ASAMevent is a platform for people to share their stuff with others. To express their feelings and thoughts to the audience rather than keeping it to their self. Better yet they do it by expressing those sentiments through their songs, poems, movies, and etc.

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We know that many of you are scared to stand in front of others because of the negative imaginations you create in your head. Truth to be told, negative thoughts would always linger around you, but for how long you would want to be a slave to your thoughts? Instead of wasting your time thinking of what others would think, why not you just go out there and show what you are capable of. Its true that you'll never make everyone happy but there will be people who like your stuff. They might have the same state of emotion as yours. They might have the same thoughts as yours. They might change them because of your music, poems, movies and etc.

Just because negative thoughts are easy to be build doesn't mean positive ones are impossible.

Praise to God, the third ASAMevent went on as planned despite all the hiccups, crazy moments, and dramas happening backstage. We're never truly satisfied with our events because we wanted to push ourselves to do better for you guys. Thanks to all our awesome performers who never fail to impress us. And to the audience that made ASAMevent just the way it was. :)

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