Pity Poetry #1

We try something new this week: Pity Poetry.

This the chance for all the ASAM (otherwise known as Aku Sepi Aku Merana) fans out there, to share their emo-ness to the world.

Don't limit your unhappiness to status messages and constricting tweets, put them here for all cyberspace to see for eternity.

As Shrek would say, 'better out than in!'

As no proper poet managed to send their pieces in time, as the editor I thought I'd get the ball rolling with 2 cringingly amateur, but definitely emo, poems of mine.

If you think you can spare me further embarrassment in the future, send your works to asam.melbourne@gmail.com - Ltf

Soul-baring begins after the jump

Melancholic Me Machine

And long.

Hello...pass me by
Hi...walk on by
Hey...he didn't see

Sit down at the table
The wallflower the wallflower
Look around for a turn
Burn burn
Open your mouth say something
Learn learn
Lights shut doors close
Done done

Lose your person
Be a machine
Goodbye melancholia
Just function
Then end

Stuck in circles

My words
Have to reach you
Just over this table
With empty dishes
And a candle
That flickers dim
I have to tell you
I try
I never get there
Yet another riddle, again!

It's so clear in my head
But my tongue
holds it down
and for too long

You leave
We hug
Pat our backs
Good Show

and we leave
to our homes

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