Limelight Acoustic at Miss Libertine

Set to become an event of note among Malaysians in Melbourne, the first Limelight Acoustic session of 2010 was held on Thursday at Miss Libertine. Organised by Full Valve Entertainment, The Limelight is a monthly acoustic event for independent musicians to present and share their talent. A friendly affair, Thursday’s event was intimate and chilled out, just right to slip out of the midweek blues.

Thursday was an extra special affair. Indie stalwarts Reza Salleh, Melina Williams, and Zalila Lee were in line-up and brought along with them star power (and adoring crowds). Each of them capable performers in their own right, they performed symbiotically. Alternating roles and instruments, they took turns performing songs whie being accompanied by the others. Melbourne regulars Brokenscar were there as well to give their usual high-octane set, alongside Charles J Tan and others.

Proving that acoustic is not synonymous with mellow, it was a genre-crossing set. The many moods and tempos kept the night interesting and alive. Many of the performers songwriters too, they brought to the table their individual styles. It was a great opportunity for Melbourne music lovers to expose themselves to fresh ideas and directions.

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