Make anything a reason for you to write

So you're a writer in your mid 20s/30s. Yes young, and have everything else against you. Are you being overly critical
or is it just the nature of young ones to feel insecure and think that nothing is right. 

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When, you first picked up a pen and wrote, you just wanted to bash everything up, from the public's bad taste in music, typical soapy films that you think should only be in vcds, not in the cinema, on how cities should have more green places and so on and so forth.

Apart from maybe causing an uproar to the readers, you gain something. You revise your style of writing, your language, and your content. Maybe back then you are 'too young' and wanted some attention from the readers that you opt for extreme edgy kind of writings. Though, not all things suddenly turns wrong. It's just you.

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Credit: VancouverFilmSchool
I went for a lecture that was held during this Melbourne Writers Festival 2010 on young people and the media. Three obviously young confident speakers gave their bits on how the young cope/work in big media company where the old guards are not preparing to back off yet.

They spoke basically about everything. And it's kind of true that veterans in the media still are not prepared for the influx of young people charging into media companies; it obviously makes sense. Since they still think that you should take some time before taking up the big jobs in media company.

What the speakers agreed on were that young writers should not take this as an obstacle. Instead, take it as an encouragement to explore more. Go to places, do research, interact with people and write, write and write. Be confinfident and act professionally. There will always be critics, but you yourself have to put up your act together and improve. You just have to find a way to become better.

Not all old people share that perception of young writers. There are those, who really want to see you succeed so you as a young writer should take the opportunity to engage with them. Since their knowledge and experience contains everything you need to become a good writer.

For those who are interested in this field, the same old remedy you should put in mind; hard work, never give up and explore more. As these are the things that the three of them agree upon.

So wanna be a writer?

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