Short Flicks introduces future auteurs

by Syar S Alia

Short Flicks is a short film program held by La Trobe Student Theatre & Film and has been going on for more than 10 years. We ask for script submissions - they can be about anything and can be anywhere between 1 minute (or even less if you want) to about 20 minutes (we negotiate with those who want to do something longer, we try and encourage people to keep it simple) - sometime in May, select from those submissions a handful to support and fund. We have 9 this year that has made it all the way from script, and on October 4th when we show them at ACMI cinemas, to screen.

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Our 9 films run the gamut from comedy to film noir to drama to the surreal. There's a simple romantic comedy by Alison White called That Voice Inside Your Head. An irate busker harasses a man by throwing smoothies in his face in Blended by George Lingard. Shed by Kiefer Findlow shows the tense conditions of an interrogation. Departure is a project by Eugene Ford he hopes is a small beginning to a larger future project that tells the story of a young gay man sent away to a Christian "deprogramming" camp. Janus by Beth Myring is a noir about a woman running away from her husband and other pursuers. Two friends discuss what they would say at the other's funerals in Eulogy by Tom Keele. Matt Harvey makes a mockumentary about how mp3s are affecting the life of buskers in iBusk. Mark Petrolo's It Killed The Cat tells the tale of a housesitter, a houseowner and a cat. And In the Dark by Sean McCart tells the story of two housemates and a chatty household appliance. 

We're really proud to present these films which premiere on October 4th at 8pm in ACMI (the Australian Centre of the Moving Image). A lot of the films that have been made under the auspices of the Short Flicks programme (an estimated 100 or more have been made during its run) have gone on to feature in other film festivals and competitions so if you come, you might catch the first works of a future Scorsese or Godard. 

Tickets are $15 full and $10 concession. We'll be meeting up afterwards for a chat and a drink (not provided, unfortunately) at Transport Bar in Federation Square so any attendees can have a chat with the filmmakers and the cast and crew if they like. 

Phone 9479 1198 or email latrobeshortflicks@gmail.com for more info (on the event OR to participate in the future!) and call 8663 2583 for bookings.

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