Spring 2010: what to wear?

Say goodbye to harsh weather and icy winds, Melbourne, because winter is finally over. It's finally time to keep our heavy coats away, reorganize our wardrobes and make way for spring. This season, it's a lot about getting girly and feminine- lace, nude, light-wash chambray and flowers!

Style tips and more after the jump! 

Lace, leather and nude
Lace has been making a strong comeback for the past few seasons and it seems that it's not going anywhere, so count on it as your spring staple. Seductive yet playful, work nude lace for spring and match with a light colored leather jacket and a pair of brogues.

Light-washed denim, chambray shirts, skirts and accessories
Light-washed chambray shirts are back this season. So laid back and relaxed, wear it fitted with jeans or oversized over a pair of leggings. Looking for a more flirtatious look? Chambray frilled short skirts are youthful and can be paired with many other spring-friendly wardrobe staples. The key is that  you shouldn't wear them both together, but a piece of the two can definitely be worn with denim accessories.

Flowers prints and accessories
Spring is not complete without flower prints! Be prepared to look ultimately feminine with soft fabrics - they emphasize femininity. Get a a dress, maxi, or loose shirts and make your key pieces pop out by pairing them with jeans or a plain skirt. Finally, be sure to indulge in spring by wearing flower headbands, clips and rings.

Now you know what's hitting the stores this season, have fun dressing up!

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  1. When did ASAM start writing about fashion lol?

    I love the dresses, but Melbourne weather is nowhere near ready for spring lol.