sunday sketching, 26/9/2010, 10.30am

Date: Sunday 26th September
Time: 10.30am
Venue: Fitzroy Gardens, meet outside conservatory

Photography, drawing
You need not be an amazing artist, just bring some pen and paper or your camera. Meet us, get into chat mode, and we’ll get some creative juices flowing in no time! And soon, we’ll be exchanging notes and ideas! It’ll be fun!
And the best part is, it’s FREE! (Did you know that people pay amounts to sketch at life drawing classes?)

Jia's story after the jump

Our story begins…one drizzling day in Melbourne, two jobless young girls

decided to hang out at Federation Square to sketch for inspiration.

The end result:

Determined to add more cute doodles to their sketchbook, for future uses besides brushing up on their hand drawing skills, the girls began roaming cafes and random spots across Melbourne city, sitting down to doodle/sketch more.
Until one day…

So they approached the ASAM team…
Hence ASAM sketching is born!

What to bring:
  • · your own sketchbook/papers
  • · pens/paint/brushes/pencils
  • · camera for photography-lovers
  • · newspaper/picnic rag (to protect thy royal bottom from mouldy wet patches)
What you will get out of it:
  • · pretty pictures to add to your folio
  • · more artsy friends/more people to promote your business to
  • · fun!
How to get there:
  • · From Collin St, take tram route 109 to box hill/ 112 to Preston
  • · From Flinders St, take tram 75 to Vermont South
  • · Alternatively take the free city circle tram from Flinders St, heading to Spring St. Ask driver for stop near gardens.
Contact Jia at 04 03 568 650 if you get/feel lost.


  1. haha! Love that story of us! Hope to see more people on Sunday. Since we're going to be at the park might as well bring some tidbits to nom on- our little picnic :)

  2. This is awesome! I want to be part of the sketch one day too! XD