a very ASAM production

hey guys, how've you been? great? splendid! step right up, look sharp and listen up!

you should know by now that we at ASAM, when we're not looking for awesome chillout coffee shops around Melbourne or just sitting down judging passers by based on their fashion sense (okay, maybe that's just me), we're thinking of new ways to get people together and exploring people's abilities. why? because we're heroes like that. if you've got a talent or even if you're feeling a little bit crazy and want to see how creative you can be, we'd like to help.

so what we have in mind, and im gonna be straight up blunt bout it, is we would like to make a production! we havent quite decided what sort of production this is going to be yet. it might be a drama, musical, pantomime, heck, it might even be a silent show even, but we've decided one thing, that its going to be awesome.

and since, we are very much a "by the people, for the people" sorta people (geddit?), we would like to welcome anyone to be involved at any level. and when we mean any level, we mean ANY level. it will be your production, made for you! so talented scriptwriters, i do hope your palms are sweaty and ready for a heck load of writing. We would like to produce your story. just pitch in a rough idea to us and we're more than willing to consider it to be ASAM's grand finale at the end of 2010.

so yes, at this stage we are looking for a story to get the ball rolling. then we'll write the script, pitch it to people, and look for actors, sound crew, prop crew so on so forth. a learning process if you will. if you would like to be involved in any way, let us know we'll slot you right in.

all ideas, as usual, go to asam.melbourne@gmail.com

you know you can trust us. we're a resourceful bunch. I've successfully found a picture of a monkey in a top hat and a monocle smoking a cigarette. how awesome.

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