Summer Romance

Sunday.Cruising around the beach, the park and everyone's favourite street with full of culture in Melbourne.
Accompanied by my good friend Holga 120CFN, with a little bit of investment to feed her 120film with only 16 exposure that cost a bomb.No drama in this because she will always do her best and makes me smile looking ay the photos once they've developed.

Holga 120CFN brought a friend along, the Lomo cam Robot 3. Robot 3 captures moment with three continuous shots. It tells a story with each frame.
Lomography doesn't create excellent photo quality, now that's the beauty. So let loose, go out, have fun with your cam, don't delete the shaky photos, remember that every minute of every shot tells a story.

They may not make sense to everyone, but it will make sense to you.

Product Review

Have fun with your pictures with the Lomography Holga 120 CFN Medium Format Camera. Using a combination of colored flash light and a long shutter exposure, this revolutionary item can create some of the most mind-blowing images that you have ever seen. When this new
functionality is paired with the Holga's already hectic characteristics (soft focus, light leaks, vignetting), the results are devastating!


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